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Monday, February 9, 2009

Prejudging Bush Legacy Unwise

George W Bush

Bush has only reiterated these fears and his legacy is rapidly being considered one of the worst in history. It seemed a perfect fit: The son of a president, Air Force National Guardsmen and Texas Rangers owner, George W Bush could not be a better slice of Americana. L Clinton administration, despite its success, was marked by the scandal that has left the country at ease behind the operation of the White House. It is no surprise the country elected him to the presidency, not once but twice. And we had great ambitions for the governor in Texas. Unfortunately, George W.

Feather In The Cap For Mad Hatter Juliette Lewis As She Starts To Make Movies Again


Obviously with a lot of fun again in his role, Lewi, 35, was in Los Angeles for the shooting Mark Ruffalo directional debut sympathy for Delicious. Shooting began last week.. L actress - whose last film was released in 2006 - was seen wearing a pair of denim hot pants and a multi-dimensional Trilby hat with a red feather, while earlier in the week wore a revealing gold sequinned dress black and socks.

Local Women In Biz Attend 44th Barack Obamas Inauguration

Barack Obama

There were no incidents or arrests. L experience was incredible. Despite the freezing temperatures and large crowds, there have been no complaints. It was surreal to be standing in a couple of millions of people all gathered together for the same reason, and all sharing the same energy and optimism for our country. It was a moment in time when millions joined in the hope. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the inauguration Barack Obama.

Tumaczenie Na Jzyk Polski Stiller Downey Jr Are Quot Master Mind Quot

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr signed for the new DreamWorks Animation Master Mind.The Tropic Thunder duo will be accompanied by 30 Rock stars Tina Fey, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Master Mind will follow the story of a supervillian which is without a goal after killing off his heroic nemesis . roles have not been confirmed.. Fey, Stiller and Downey Jr.

Run Dmc Will Be Inducted To Rock Hall By Aerosmith

Run Dmc

Darryl McDaniels, aka DMC, was interviewed on WAAF and was asked by DJ do the honors of inducting into the Hall.. Run-DMC will have some familiar faces meeting in Cleveland, where the pioneer rap act inducted to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in April.